korg NTS 1 mod for Eurorack

Well, I like the idea of the Korg NTS 1, a programmable Oscillator and much more. I think that it would be a useful component of my developing Mixed Signal System for Eurorack. Mixed signal, as in, the rack has both MIDI and CV, and 12v and 5v. Probably a shocker to the purists, but for me, Eurorack is all about making it your own, to satisfy whatever itch you have.

So, the NTS 1 gets a small mod, and then fits straight into the rack, the CV trigger signal from the sequencer is recognised by the korg sync input, as it is set up for 5v triggers. So this works straight out of the box.

The korg dimensions are: (W x D x H) 129 mm x 78 mm x 39 mm / 5.08” x 3.07” x 1.54”, so its already the right height, with the mounting holes in the right place for the rack.

This will no doubt VOID YOUR WARRANTY… dont blame me….


As you can see from the above, I made up a fixing panel to fit the side panel that has all the inputs and outputs next to the face plate. All that was needed was an extender cable to bring the audio to the front panel, and a small hole drilled to fit it through.

the second NTS 1 circuit board DOES NOT FIT without some fine fettling, as its a mm too wide for the rack. but, after a little adjustment it went in. To bring the inputs and outputs to the front, the second circuit board can just be mounted side on:

lastly, I took and old USB micro B cable, cut the end off, and fitted a eurorack power connector to connect to the rails that already have a 5v supply alongside the 12v supply.

the adapter panel is below, scrappy, but it does the trick.