Array Storing multiple OneWire addresses with Teensy (Arduino)

I am looking at using the OneWire (1-Wire) protocol to build a string of switches for Teensy (Arduino). The OneWire protocol is a communication Bus System that sends and receives data over a single wire. It is meant for low data rates, and so using it for addressable switches, when all I need is to know off or on, seems perfect. I looked at the DS2413 chip as it has two IO pins that can be read as either on or off, and this state can be sent to the controller when polled.

Three DS2413 1-Wire breakout boards with ID captured into Arduino array

Three DS2413 1-Wire breakout boards with ID captured into Arduino array

Well, it needs two wires really, as you have to have a ground wire also. So far so good. I have a sketch that searches for all OneWire devices on the bus, and reports back the ID numbers of each of those devices. The multiple ID numbers are then put into an array. Thats all it does for now, not much, but its a start.


#define DS2413_ONEWIRE_PIN (8)

#define DS2413_FAMILY_ID 0x3A
#define DS2413_ACCESS_READ 0xF5
#define DS2413_ACCESS_WRITE 0x5A
#define DS2413_ACK_SUCCESS 0xAA
#define DS2413_ACK_ERROR 0xFF

#define BUTTON_NO 3 //your number of DS2413 devices / input Buttons

OneWire oneWire(DS2413_ONEWIRE_PIN);
uint8_t address[8] = { 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0 };

uint8_t Addresses[BUTTON_NO][8]; //array of arrays (2D) for address storage

void setup(void)
Serial.println((“Looking for a DS2413 on the bus”));

//now print what was stored in the array by the fillArray() method.
Serial.println(” “);
for (int x=0; x < BUTTON_NO;x++){ Serial.print("DS2413 address at array address "); Serial.print(x); Serial.print(" = "); for(int i=0;i < 8;i++){ Serial.print(Addresses[x][i], HEX);} Serial.println("");} } void loop(void) { //once you have your numbers, go and do something with them in the loop... } void fillArray(){ //discovery order is determined by the search tree algorithm of maxim onewire for(int x=0;x < BUTTON_NO;x++){ byte i; byte present = 0; byte data[12]; byte addr[8]; if ( ! { Serial.println(""); Serial.print("No more addresses.\n"); oneWire.reset_search(); delay(50); //was 250 return; } //fill the array, but print device reading at the same time Serial.println(""); Serial.print("Device number ");Serial.print(x); Serial.print( " = "); for( i = 0; i < 8; i++) { Serial.print(address[i], HEX); Serial.print(" "); Addresses[x][i] = address[i]; } } }