Graphic Poi (LED Poi) using LPD6803 leds and Teensy

End point = a set of LED poi with 30 RGB LEDs on two sides to draw graphics by POV.

About two years ago I started working with a juggler / performance artist friend. We were talking one evening about how to do something a little special to tie in to his LED show. Now, the LED show was already very special and getting plenty of attention, so we had to do something pretty dynamic and interesting. We came to the conclusion that Persistence of Vision (or POV) kit was needed, and it had to be bright, oh, and it also had to show logos (it has to be able to pay for itself somehow!).

So we got thinking about what the essential were. It needs to be as light as possible, give a good coverage across the performance area, be bright, give plenty of detail when being looked at, be easy to use, be reliable, be resistant to knocks, have a good viewing angle (we’ll get on to that) and lastly, cheap to make.

I think that we did most of that except for the cheap to make bit. It just is not possible in the world of juggling kit to make high quality programmable POV / pixel poi kit as cheaply as many people think it should be.

This is a pic of the end product, and keep reading the Poi page for a idea of how you can do it yourself.

graphic poi pixel poi

A version of the Graphic Poi with 30 pixels on each side

This is the APA102 Pixel poi / graphic poi with Teensy 3

This is the APA102 Pixel poi / graphic poi with Teensy 3

And here is an image of the new pixel poi using APA102 led strips. Really easy to build, cheap, and very fast update rates.

by the way, I realise that the term ‘pixel poi’ has been trade marked, but, unlike the wonderful use of ‘Hoover’, i shall not use it as a generic term, instead i shall use Graphic Poi, and now we all know what we’re talking about.

I have put a page covering this work in the menu above.