not all pixel poi leds are equal – beware

I have been through a number of different spec leds over the last few years, and this a warning, beware, not all led pixels are equal. Look at the specs and do your research as they are manufactured for different reasons, and so have different specs and limitations.

Some, like the WS2811, are manufactured in high density strips and are really easy to construct into batons, BUT… they have a timing issue and colour set function that makes them go blank for a tiny fraction of a second before each new colour is displayed, and so you get a slight pixelated effect.

Some, like the LPD 6803 are bright and fast at updating, BUT… are limited in colours and are not make in strips and therefore require lots of soldering. This leads to failures if not carefully made.

MAke sure you choose an led that has a driver chip clocked fast enough to handle your desired refresh rate.

Some are cheap, some are expensive, some have quality control issues, all have compromise. DO YOUR RESEARCH.