pixel poi, visual poi, graphic poi are all the same thing

I have had a few people ask me about the difference between pixel poi, graphic poi and visual poi. Well, they are all names for the same thing. However, the term pixel poi is a registered trade mark of the Feeding the Fish performance group, as “pixel-poi” with a hyphen I believe. Thats why other companies selling and using these types of poi use different names.

Here’s an image of a pixel poi, graphic poi, visual poi I built myself using a Teensy 3.0 micro controller with a strip of 60 ws2811 leds and a 4xAAA rechargeable batteries. Its not too difficult to do.

The code for this project is on the DIY Graphic / Pixel Poi page: http://orchardelica.com/wp/?page_id=228

The Teensy 3.0 Poi using 60 ws2811 leds
The Teensy 3.0 Poi using 60 ws2811 leds

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