Led graphic poi displaying BMP image from SD card

The Graphic poi (pixel poi) project is now coming to a close. The final stage was to enable the leds to be updated from a series of BMP files held on an SD card. This way, it is possible to hold a large number of images on the device. The poi run off a Teensy 3 micro controller (see the other posts about this). I’m not happy with the result from these WS2811 leds, they give a happy appearance that I can’t do anything about, so I will not be using them further.

Here are some images and some code to get it all going.

flower BMP being written to leds from SD cardpattern BMP being loaded from SD cardphotograph of changing from one file to the next

the code is on the poi page. lots of this code comes from the good people over at the PJRC Forum where all things Teensy can be found. please go over and have a look and a chat if you need some help.