led POV and BMP from SD card with Teensy 3

I have been looking at storing a larger volume of predefined images and displaying these on the Pixel / Graphic poi. Well, it finally seems to be working. Using the Teensy 3.0 with an SD card breakout board, the poi can grab the data from the SD card using the usual file format (Fat), with a 24bit BMP file. The files are only 60 pixels wide, as thats the number of leds on the poi, but are 150 pixels long so that we can get ore definition into the image displayed.

The current leds, however, are not good at POV. These are the ws2811 ones, and they just don’t do the business fast enough.

Next step is to hook the system up to some different leds and see how it performs.

Code for the Teensy 3.0 to follow after some tidying up.