more on OctoWS2811 and scrolling text

So, the set up is that the strips are 34 pixels long, and plugged into the Teensy 3 as per Pauls instructions:

I am running the whole thing off of four rechargeable AA batteries, as it is going to be a mobile scrolling display (on a top hat probably). I have used a 2D array for calling the location of the pixel as i could not find a way to ‘objectify’ the pixels using counters. This means that when i want to add another length of strip to each of the eight lengths, i will have to change the array, but that s not a problem for me, its just annoying that its not very pretty in coding terms.

Currently, then, this means referencing the pixels through this 2D array of values:
unsigned int array [8][34] = {
as you can see, its just a straight forward number count for Octows2811 library to find the right place.

…. thanks to some nifty numberwork from John, we can now get rid of this crazy waste of space array, and do a little line of code to replace it. The updated code can be found in the menu link…..

For the original digital write code, showing me how to use the alphabet array and a text string as input for the look up, i used this a my chief source:,8672.0.html


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