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OctoSW2811 Teensy 3.0 and Bluetooth

As an update to the scrolling tex project, we now have bluetooth control over the text. I have been working with the btinterface app on android. This is free app, and has the capacity to set up buttons to trigger specific events, but also has a terminal that allows text to be input. I have put a description of how to do it and where to find the app, and some code over on the […]

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scrolling text colour

In a previous post I showed you the code for getting the Octows2811 library to display scrolling text. That code just had a basic colour set into it to get the thing working as a basic test. If you want to control the colour of the text that is being used you can easily change it. Once you implement a small additional piece of code, you can use whatever colour you want. To do this, […]

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