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Go take a look at Teensy microcontrollers

If you haven’t yet done it, go and have a look at the Teensy micro controller from PJRC. Its powerful, small, has lots of libraries available and, one very large bonus, a very friendly developer and user community forum. You will usually find someone who can point you in the right direction or perhaps even provide an answer to something that has been holding your dev back. I am not associated with teensy, I just […]

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light painting

Light painting seems a logical progression to the led pov sticks. As the WS2811 leds aren’t too good for the POV work, I thought that I may as well use them for something else. They are fine for use in slower moving projects and static projects so I put together a light staff for light painting: Take a look at the light painting page where I will post some images and a description  

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ws2811 and POV

well, I have been experimenting with using the ws2811 high density strips for persistence of vision batons (pixel poi) using the Teensy3 to run the show. Unfortunately, the chips inside the WS2811 leds just aren’t fast enough, as you can see from the image below: the problem is that the frequency of PWM is too slow. Its unfortunate as this strip is 144leds/m, and that gives a nice length of poi for 60 pixels. oh […]

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