Raspberry pi Camera Polaroid instamatic thermal printer

raspberry pi instant photo printer

So, going very lo-fi as a fun thing to have at the wedding of some lovely friends of ours. This is a raspberry pi with a 5MP camera,taking and storing the image after a button is pressed, then converting to greyscale png format and printing it on a simple cheap thermal printer (till receipt machine to you and me).See more here http://orchardelica.com/wp/?page_id=546

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video screen capture to Teensy3 led matrix / array

how to set up pixelcontroller to capture screen

I have been using the great Pixelcontroller software to capture moving image from my laptop screen and sending it to a teensy3 led pixel array. The pixelcontroller software is free, and you can get it here: to set it up for screen grab in real time so that you can display video and whatever is on your screen on the pixel array you need to do a couple of things first: for screen capture using […]

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Connect android to teensy via Bluetooth

this simple app connects your teensy to android via bluetooth

And you can do it by making your own free app. Yes, you can easily control you teensy from your android device using Bluetooth. And, its cheap. I recently moved over from an iphone to the Android OS. I did this for many reasons, but primarily I was extremely dissatisfied with the locked down nature of the standard iphone/apple experience. I wanted control over the phone as an interface with my microelectronics projects. Android allows […]

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UTFT touchscreen SD file selection buttons with Teensy 3

utft sd file touch selection

So, I am hoping to use this system with my light painting kit. I want to be able to select a file from the sd card on the fly. To do this, I have made a sketch using Henning Karlsen’s UTFT library. But, I have adapted it to make on the fly buttons, so that all files on the sd card can be scrolled through, shown on the screen, and then selected at the touch […]

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Go take a look at Teensy microcontrollers

Using the Teensy with led strips for pixel poi

If you haven’t yet done it, go and have a look at the Teensy micro controller from PJRC. Its powerful, small, has lots of libraries available and, one very large bonus, a very friendly developer and user community forum. You will usually find someone who can point you in the right direction or perhaps even provide an answer to something that has been holding your dev back. I am not associated with teensy, I just […]

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not all pixel poi leds are equal – beware


I have been through a number of different spec leds over the last few years, and this a warning, beware, not all led pixels are equal. Look at the specs and do your research as they are manufactured for different reasons, and so have different specs and limitations. Some, like the WS2811, are manufactured in high density strips and are really easy to construct into batons, BUT… they have a timing issue and colour set […]

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Artnet (art-net) and micro controllers

wiznet 820io module based on 5200 chip

I finally have artnet working with the Teensy 3 micro controller / development board. The result is a simple and cost effective way to control led lighting from your computer via the ethernet cable output. Using this set up you can control hundreds of leds, output video to leds, or whatever. You will need to use some software on your computer as an artnet output, I use pixelcontroller. This is free and robust, and fast […]

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pixel poi, visual poi, graphic poi are all the same thing

Graphic Poi using ws2811 and Teensy 3.0

I have had a few people ask me about the difference between pixel poi, graphic poi and visual poi. Well, they are all names for the same thing. However, the term pixel poi is a registered trade mark of the Feeding the Fish performance group, as “pixel-poi” with a hyphen I believe. Thats why other companies selling and using these types of poi use different names. Here’s an image of a pixel poi, graphic poi, […]

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Wireless control of Led matrix using Teensy 3.0 and adafruit cc3000

teensy 3.0 micro controller with CC3000 breakout board

This is a small project to control an led matrix using wifi, set up to go over a local router. The idea is simply to have a system whereby the led matrix will play animations from software running on a computer that is further away from the led matrix, or where using cables is not wanted. The set up currently works for an array of 8 by 30 leds and uses the freeware pixelcontroller software: […]

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