Artnet multiple universe with Teensy 3 and octows2811 -part 1

EDIT:an error in pasting code in to the blog, whereby symbols were not showing has now been corrected, so it should work, let me know if not…
The setup used the Wiznet 5200 chip badged as 820io.

wiznet 820io module based on 5200 chip
wiznet 820io module based on 5200 chip

this module hooks up to the Teensy via SPI and uses the arduino ethernet library.

The manipulation of large lighting arrays can be enhanced by taking control of the DMX data stream in a more hands-on way. The Artnet protocol is used by a number of lighting software producers (some of them free, such as pixelcontroller, or hook it up to Max output) to package up lighting information in a tidy wrapper that can carry additional information such as commands for specific array sections, as well as the lighting information. The attached code lets you use the Teensy 3.0 and Teensy 3.1 micro controller to receive incoming artnet packages, process them, and send them to an led array.

Here is a forum discussion on the process:

artnet =

In this instance the led array consists of cheap ws2811 led pixels controlled by the octows2811 software. This software has been specifically designed to work on the Teensy 3.x, and depending on your ethernet connection, you can get some very good data streaming going. My test was only 60*8 @30fps, but I had a report of much higher when not going through the router over the wireless connection from the laptop.

Here is a sketch to run that will check to see if your teensy is receiving artnet packages from your output software: