OctoWS2811 scrolling text full code

scrolling text tophat

video1: OctoWS2811 and scrolling text
video2: scrolling tophat text

A number of people have asked for the complete code getting scrolling text up and running with teensy 3 using OctoWS2811. Here is the code. Thanks to John for helping with some of the optimising. This is still not fully objectified as some of the numbers are hard coded. It should work with eight strips of 34 straight away. So, use it for a basic building block and let me know how you are using text dynamically with this.

Also, you can control what text to display by using an android mobile phone. A simple bluetooth module attached to the Teensy, and a free app can be used by typing in to a text area in the app, hit send, and this displays on the hat as text. You can also use the phone to send a character that causes a specific pattern to show. Go over to the Bluetooth page to read.