pixel poi, visual poi, graphic poi are all the same thing

I have had a few people ask me about the difference between pixel poi, graphic poi and visual poi. Well, they are all names for the same thing. However, the term pixel poi is a registered trade mark of the Feeding the Fish performance group, as “pixel-poi” with a hyphen I believe. Thats why other companies selling and using these types of poi use different names.

Here’s an image of a pixel poi, graphic poi, visual poi I built myself using a Teensy 3.0 micro controller with a strip of 60 ws2811 leds and a 4xAAA rechargeable batteries. Its not too difficult to do.

The code for this project is on the DIY Graphic / Pixel Poi page: http://orchardelica.com/wp/?page_id=228

The Teensy 3.0 Poi using 60 ws2811 leds
The Teensy 3.0 Poi using 60 ws2811 leds


  1. I am interested on this…
    I am not a programmer but I love to experiment things…
    is there a way to obtain this code? it will work on a arduino with a 2811 ledstrip?


    • Hi Huan, in another post I described how the we2811 led strip was not fast enough to give a good POV image, and the results from testing was the dot effete you can see in the photograph. The spinning for the photo was very slow just to get that image. I would not use ws2811 for POV as the refresh rate is just too low. I can post the code to you if you still want to try it out. m