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Teensy 3 OctoWS2811 code for Glediator led matrix software

Here is a simple working example sketch for using Glediator with OctoWS2811 library, and some guidance on setting up. To get Glediator running, you need to install two files that allow java applications to communicate via the computers ports. The two files you need are: librxtxSerial.jnilib and RXTXcomm.jar you can download these files from the RXTX site, and also find further help on installing, although I did not find the help so helpful. The […]

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scrolling text top hat

scrolling text tophat

So, I finally managed to get the top hat sorted out using the Teensy 3.0 and the scrolling text code to display messages. A short video of it is below. The Leds in the strip are bright enough to shine through a very thin mesh that I used to hide the leds strips. Its actually a piece of material from a pair of tights. the hat has two controls at the back, one is an […]

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OctoSW2811 Teensy 3.0 and Bluetooth

JY-MCU07 bluetooth module

As an update to the scrolling tex project, we now have bluetooth control over the text. I have been working with the btinterface app on android. This is free app, and has the capacity to set up buttons to trigger specific events, but also has a terminal that allows text to be input. I have put a description of how to do it and where to find the app, and some code over on the […]

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scrolling text colour

In a previous post I showed you the code for getting the Octows2811 library to display scrolling text. That code just had a basic colour set into it to get the thing working as a basic test. If you want to control the colour of the text that is being used you can easily change it. Once you implement a small additional piece of code, you can use whatever colour you want. To do this, […]

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OctoWS2811 and fade

So, playing around with the Teensy 3.0 and using the OctoWS2811 library, I wanted to be able to play some patterns across the eight strips. I wanted to be able to use some gentle fading patterns, but was finding it difficult to get enough granularity to make the fade a gentle one when using a length of 34 leds, meaning, graduated to extent that there were no sharp changes visible. The fade seemed just fine […]

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more OctoWS2811 and scrolling text

As promised, here is the code for getting the characters entered as text in the sketch, having the sketch look these up in the alphabet array, grab the hex values and the push these onto the array in the first column. The array then copies and moves this first column by one place and adds in the next column of values. ////Start of message setup//// char msg[] = “Hi, this is a test for OctoWS2811. […]

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more on OctoWS2811 and scrolling text

So, the set up is that the strips are 34 pixels long, and plugged into the Teensy 3 as per Pauls instructions: I am running the whole thing off of four rechargeable AA batteries, as it is going to be a mobile scrolling display (on a top hat probably). I have used a 2D array for calling the location of the pixel as i could not find a way to ‘objectify’ the pixels using counters. […]

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OctoWS2811 + Teensy 3 + scrolling text

So, having been doing a bit of work with Teensy and LEDs for a performance artist friend, I saw Paul’s work on getting the WS2811 LEDs working through DMA. I thought that I would have a play with his OctoWS2811 library and wanted to produce some scrolling text for a festival I’m going to later in the year. I found plenty of scrolling text examples, but very little for using WS2811, so I finally managed […]

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