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not all pixel poi leds are equal – beware


I have been through a number of different spec leds over the last few years, and this a warning, beware, not all led pixels are equal. Look at the specs and do your research as they are manufactured for different reasons, and so have different specs and limitations. Some, like the WS2811, are manufactured in high density strips and are really easy to construct into batons, BUT… they have a timing issue and colour set […]

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pixel poi, visual poi, graphic poi are all the same thing

Graphic Poi using ws2811 and Teensy 3.0

I have had a few people ask me about the difference between pixel poi, graphic poi and visual poi. Well, they are all names for the same thing. However, the term pixel poi is a registered trade mark of the Feeding the Fish performance group, as “pixel-poi” with a hyphen I believe. Thats why other companies selling and using these types of poi use different names. Here’s an image of a pixel poi, graphic poi, […]

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Led graphic poi displaying BMP image from SD card

POV using ws2811 leds

The Graphic poi (pixel poi) project is now coming to a close. The final stage was to enable the leds to be updated from a series of BMP files held on an SD card. This way, it is possible to hold a large number of images on the device. The poi run off a Teensy 3 micro controller (see the other posts about this). I’m not happy with the result from these WS2811 leds, they […]

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led POV and BMP from SD card with Teensy 3

Moving from one bmp image to the next on the sd Card

I have been looking at storing a larger volume of predefined images and displaying these on the Pixel / Graphic poi. Well, it finally seems to be working. Using the Teensy 3.0 with an SD card breakout board, the poi can grab the data from the SD card using the usual file format (Fat), with a 24bit BMP file. The files are only 60 pixels wide, as thats the number of leds on the poi, […]

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