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static text display using the Teensy OctoWS2811 library

here is some code for static text display using the Teensy OctoWS2811 library

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Teensy 16 step sequencer update

Here is a video of progress so far. The step sequencer is being used as a four voice fugue. I got inspired by alexandernaut and the fugue machine, particularly the way Elinch used it for the modular shades track (thanks alexandernaut!). So I built a four voice Fugue maschine / step sequencer. A fugue is a short melody that is started by one voice, and then taken on by other voices. This can be faster […]

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Array Storing multiple OneWire addresses with Teensy (Arduino)

I am looking at using the OneWire (1-Wire) protocol to build a string of switches for Teensy (Arduino). The OneWire protocol is a communication Bus System that sends and receives data over a single wire. It is meant for low data rates, and so using it for addressable switches, when all I need is to know off or on, seems perfect. I looked at the DS2413 chip as it has two IO pins that can […]

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Teensy 3 Midi Din to CV out

I don’t usually mix my micro controller obsessions with my music making, but a friend gave me Korg Monotron analogue synth as a present, and I really love the filter it has. However, I want to be able to combine the lovely synth sounds it can produce with a keyboard and arpeggiator. So, how about hooking it up to receive Midi signals through a DIN connector. Here the sound after the hard work: And here […]

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Raspberry pi Camera Polaroid instamatic thermal printer

raspberry pi instant photo printer

So, going very lo-fi as a fun thing to have at the wedding of some lovely friends of ours. This is a raspberry pi with a 5MP camera,taking and storing the image after a button is pressed, then converting to greyscale png format and printing it on a simple cheap thermal printer (till receipt machine to you and me).See more here

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Connect android to teensy via Bluetooth

And you can do it by making your own free app. Yes, you can easily control you teensy from your android device using Bluetooth. And, its cheap. I recently moved over from an iphone to the Android OS. I did this for many reasons, but primarily I was extremely dissatisfied with the locked down nature of the standard iphone/apple experience. I wanted control over the phone as an interface with my microelectronics projects. Android allows […]

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