teensy 16 step sequencer with rgb rotary controller – update

Sparkfun RGB rotary controller in Teensy step sequencer

So here is an update on the progress of the step sequencer. The RGB rotary controllers from Sparkfun have continuous rotation but also have a button incorporated. The chips being used are the MCP23S17 port expanders. They have interrupt capability, but this was not work out well for me, so currently relying on polling, which seems more than adequate right now. Video below:

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MCP23S17 spi port expander with RGB rotary encoder

This is a PoC from using SPI based port expander to drive rotary encoders

This is short proof of concept showing the use of the SPI based GPIO port expander MCP23S17 to connect two RGB rotary encoders with pushbutton. This chip allows for eight individually addressed MCP23S17 chips to be connected on the same SPI. This allows for a simplified approach to wiring the rotary encoders and their pushbuttons and RGB leds, and also frees up pins on the Teensy. The process uses interrupts. The MCP chip has two […]

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Array Storing multiple OneWire addresses with Teensy (Arduino)

Three DS2413 1-Wire breakout boards with ID captured into Arduino array

I am looking at using the OneWire (1-Wire) protocol to build a string of switches for Teensy (Arduino). The OneWire protocol is a communication Bus System that sends and receives data over a single wire. It is meant for low data rates, and so using it for addressable switches, when all I need is to know off or on, seems perfect. I looked at the DS2413 chip as it has two IO pins that can […]

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Teensy 3 OctoWS2811 code for Glediator led matrix software

Here is a simple working example sketch for using Glediator with OctoWS2811 library, and some guidance on setting up. To get Glediator running, you need to install two files that allow java applications to communicate via the computers ports. The two files you need are: librxtxSerial.jnilib and RXTXcomm.jar you can download these files from the RXTX site, and also find further help on installing, although I did not find the help so helpful. http://rxtx.qbang.org/wiki/index.php/Main_Page The […]

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Pixel Poi image converter utility for 24 bit leds

Teensy pixel poi image converter

If you are using home made Led pixel Poi, you need to convert your images to pixel array to upload to your micro controller. Here is simple utility that converts your image to an array for APA102 leds or any other 24 bit leds. This outputs an array that you can copy and paste into your micro controller file. The output is set up for Arduino or Teensy output. You can convert your images here: […]

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